What – Winter 2015, finished.

A small experiment with a free version of construct, not that great. Don’t play it.

Asteroids  – Fall 2017,  v1.

A prototype space dogfight game. Kinda inspired by Luftrausers. It’s fun, but it’s basic and buggy.

Battle – Fall 2017, v1.

An experiment with AI. Sometimes they’ll walk through walls, and green team always wins. Still fun to look at.


Asteroids VS – Winter 2018, v2.

Local multiplayer game using the Asteroids engine I made earlier.


DEATHMATCH! – Winter 2018, v2.1b.

My biggest “finished” project to date, and it’s alright. Grab a buddy and END THEM.

SORDfight – Spring 2018, v1.

Local multiplayer competitive game focusing around leaping in low gravity. And swords.